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I am Kevin Becken, an artist living in Harby, Leicestershire, specialising in drawing highly detailed and personalised caricatures and cartoons, using pen and watercolour. I also create original drawings for portraits, book illustrations and tattoos, for example.

I started drawing as soon as I could pick up a pencil, and one of my first words was Van Gogh, or something like that. I won drawing prizes from pre-school days, and throughout school was always doodling. Cartoons were my favourite things to draw because to me they were more amusing and imaginative than still life. I once had my "SuperGuy" cartoons confiscated by the English teacher, and was reprimanded the instant she could stop giggling. I always did like Miss Westfold. At 16 I was lucky enough to be invited to a special art class when the teacher did a courageous and evolutionery thing (in those days, in a London comprehensive) of hiring a stunning model to pose nude! I always liked Mr Fowler. Mathematics was another passion, which led to a career in digital cartography and geographic information systems - a field that combines science, mathematics and visual media, and demands an eye for detail. I was one of the pioneers of the digital revolution in this field. Art continued as a hobby for me. I launched my own art business in 2006. Since taking early retirement in 2010, I have been prolific in undertaking caricature and other fine art commissions.

I hope you enjoy browsing my galleries.